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    Laugh, Smile, Breathe - Feel Great!

 May 16th, 10:30am                  

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Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness, Breathwork 

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Laughter is more natural when we add Play ! Laugh and sing along with oldies & new funny tunes. 

One of the secrets of effective Laughter Yoga is allowing yourself to feel childlike. When we are children we laugh all the time- without embarrassment. As we get older, society often teaches us to hold back our laughter. It takes some time and practice to renew the natural release of laughter that is our birthright. 

       Aww- so cute!

    Dr Madan Kataria-   Founder of Laughter Yoga


       Ha Ha Harvey-

   Cynthia's rescue dog

Laugh more and you will feel good with a boost of energy.

Scientific studies around the world demonstrate the ability of Laughter to improve physical and mental health.

As children, laughing is easy  and natural. However, as we grow up and find life's stressors - we learn to stop laughing.

Gradually, we may  lose the abilty for this natural stress relief.  


Boosting balance of both energy and calm- Laughter develops our core breathing muscles. We use yogic breathing, stretching and playful activities-often while seated.


Feeling great happens quickly as our bodies release extra oxygen into the bloodstream. Sessions finish with laughter meditation, relaxation or breathwork.

Free Fridays

Cynthia Paris   

Speaker, Facilitator, Group Therapist

   Founding Director, Laughter Yoga USA        


   Director, Rogers Behavioral Health System

      -Center for Organizational Advancement

   Director, Team COA

   Founding Director- Laughter Yoga Midwest