Need a fun session to complement your online conference or meetings? 

We host workshops teaching Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness & Breathwork for stress relief.

Zoom can be fun again!  Available in series or as 1 time event

  • 15-30 min Fast Laugh

  • 40-90 min Laughter Yoga Session

  • 2 - 3 hour workshop 

Professional Events

Community Events

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Caregivers, Seniors, Youth, Parents, anyone in the community can benefit. Feel good with Laughter Yoga, deep breathing, stretching and mindful meditation. We combine a variety of methods that are easy to follow and fun ! Scientific studies show the multitude of physical and mental health benefits!


We will show you how to laugh and deep breath- without need for jokes and comedy!

Easy to follow, participants can join from their chair !


We now host this training online with zoom in a series of class sessions. 

Each class is 2-5 hours in length, depending on total number of dates.

For best engagement- many prefer shorter class times with more dates =6days of 2+ hours per day 

Although, if you prefer fewer classes- we also host a shorter series =5+ hours per day


Certified LY Leader training schedule:

                    Summer series -Tuesdays or Thursdays 

                    Educators series- begins November with optional follow up thoughout year

                                click here to register


All CLYL students are encouraged to attend:

Intro to Laughter Yoga public session

Saturdays- 10am Central USA 


Note:  Laughter Yoga Leader training was originally designed as an in-person course / retreat.

Online course is quite different. Recent online trainees have expressed they enjoyed and were pleased to have online option. During these challenging times- laughter is especially needed! When safe to gather- we encourage trainees to join the follow up: "Certified Laughter Yoga Leader-In Person"   

Cynthia is the also the founding Director of LY USA and continues to volunteer with this unique nonprofit. She values and supports the  promotion of both physical and mental health improvement that are possible with Laughter Yoga.